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Suspended Ceiling Systems – Wall Forms of Missouri

Suspended Ceiling Systems

Suspended Ceiling Systems2018-09-25T17:21:51+00:00

Wall Forms of Missouri exclusively distributes high-quality Extrutech® Suspended Drop-in Panel Systems – the ideal solution for rooms that need to be cleaned frequently, have a high humidity level such as in process facilities, or to cover up eyesores like duct work, pipes, and wiring while still maintaining the necessary access to them.

These non-porous, smooth, glossy, bright white grid panels can be used to replace existing acoustic panels – they’re reversible, easy to clean, and never need painting (special colors available upon request). Additionally, the installation of a drop ceiling in an existing high-ceilinged facility can help lower energy costs by reducing the area to be heated or cooled.

We offer no-cost or obligation quotes, and your order can be drop-shipped to your job location.

Extrutech Suspended Ceiling Panels can be used in new construction or retrofit areas, wherever interior suspended ceilings are required.

Contact Wall Forms of Missouri today to discuss your specific car wash, agricultural, commercial, or residential building needs!

Suspended Ceiling Systems Features

  • Lightweight, durable 3/8 in x 23-3/4 in ceiling panels
  • Panel sizes in 2 foot x 2 foot to 2 foot x 12 foot lengths
  • Low maintenance, easy to clean
  • Water and corrosion proof
  • Stock part sizes
  • Rigid double-walled panels
  • Bright white, hard surfaces
  • High-grade color-fast material
  • Main runners in 8 foot and 12 foot lengths
  • Snap-together installation
  • Easy assembly with standard tools
  • Available with panel hold-down clips
  • Low profile, high-gloss surface
  • Reversible ceiling panel
  • USDA accepted

Recommended Uses 

  • Beverage plants
  • Campgrounds, parks
  • Chemical plants
  • Clean rooms
  • Concession areas
  • Correctional facilities
  • Dairies
  • Fisheries
  • Food processing
  • Hospitals
  • Indoor swimming Pool facilities
  • Kennels
  • Laboratories
  • Poultry and hogs
  • Restaurants
  • Slaughter houses
  • Supermarkets
  • Universities