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Advantages of Using Extrutech® Plastics Building Components



Why should you use Wall Forms of Missouri and Extrutech® Plastics Building Components for your next building project?

Because thousands of contractors throughout North America agree on these three points:

  • PVC wall and ceiling panels are a user-friendly building material.
  • A lot can be installed in a day – over wood, steel, concrete block, and virtually any other surface.
  • It looks great when complete.

Key Advantages of Using Wall Forms of Missouri

  • You deal directly with the two owners of the company so your project receives the attention it needs.
  • Each of the owners has many years of experience in the building construction industry and know exactly how to help you streamline your project and achieve the best return on your investment.
Extrutech plastics building components

Contact Wall Forms of Missouri today to discuss your specific project needs!

Key Advantages of Using Extrutech Plastics Building Components

  • No exposed fasteners. Some PVC panel products are up to 20 feet long and custom-cut to the inch per project specifications, virtually eliminating waste.
  • Available in custom-cut lengths.
  • PVC does not absorb moisture.
  • No rotting, no yellowing.
  • The typical PVC panel has a smooth, glossy surface, making it easy to clean with water or a mild cleaning agent and a soft cloth.
  • Panels may be used in new construction as well as remodels.
  • Meet ASTM E 84-05 and CAN/ULC S102.2-03 Class A rating for smoke and fire.
  • Save on labor costs with easy installation and clean up.
  • All products are Made in the USA.
  • Components are environmentally friendly and recyclable.
  • Operators have reported that due to light reflectivity, they can decrease the wattage of their light fixtures and pay for their panels with their electric bill savings.
  • Today’s PVC wall and ceiling panels are most commonly dual-walled with multiple interior support ribs. They bring some insulating properties when installed, and operators have reported less ice buildup as a result.
  • Some components are available in colors as well as bright white.
  • Components are drop shipped at your job site.